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Road Rovers Hunter's and Chase's Heroes (Part 1)
Written by Dingofan
Based on: Characters created by Tom Reugger

The scene opens on a dark cold night in Hope South Dakota around 20:00 and the shops were now closed for another day for tomorrow then there was a purring sound of a engine of a car and there was also a truck and a tall figure came out and it was Donavan Bell and with his men in the truck as well but the Road Rovers agents were watching and they had unmarked green Radar Vans around the area to watch Donavan Bell his every move.
Radar Van number 3 Operator: This is Number 3 tracking vehicle, We've find our old friend Donavan Bell.
Commander Rover: (On the radio) Good stay at your position and wait instructions.
Radar Van number 3 Operator: Roger, control out.
Inside Radar Van Number 3 also was Stepney and he was siting down along side the Operator.
Stepney: Looks like they are up to their old tricks again.
Radar Van number 3 Operator: Yeah, let's hope the others will track his position also.
Meanwhile back at Road Rover HQ the Commander Rover and his team are looking at the position of everyone around the area where Donavan Bell and his team and the lights on the screen showed the position of the Radar Vans and every Road Rover member, Elliot and Lewis was in the Streetrover, Chase was in his car with Shag and Colleen, Exile was in the Skyrover, Hunter was in the Cloudrover and Blitz and was in the Packrover and they was hiding beyond some big trees for cover and Chase was contracting him.
Chase: Chase to Pack leader, Do you read me?
Hunter: Look a book Chase.
Exile: Where are you Chase?
Chase: I'm in my car with Shag and Colleen with me and I've switched the colour of the car to black so Donavan Bell and his team won't see us and I'm wearing the same outfit that I wore at the party.
Hunter: Cool, Chase so what are you gonna do now?
Chase: I'm going to send Shag and Colleen aboard the truck with Donavan Bell and his men.
Colleen was putting a white fur on her back because she's gonna hide inside Shag's body of fur then she went in and disappeared like magic.
Chase: Alright Shag, you and Colleen are gonna go in the back of the truck.
Shag: (Whimpers)
Chase: Come on Shag you can do it like as before you and Colleen lead us to Parvo's Industries.
Shag nods and went towards the truck and one of Donavan Bell's men saw him.
Donavan Bell's men 1: Come on your going in the back of the truck with the others and your going to meet two old friends of yours.
Then Shag went in and there was a Sport and Olivia Peru.
Olivia Peru: Hello Shag nice to see you again.
Shag nods and sat by Olivia Peru and Sport and Sport got out and ran out and one of Donavan Bell's men saw him.
Donavan Bell's men 1: Get him!
Then they ran after Sport and he can to a dead end.
Sport: (Panting)
Donavan Bell's men 1: Nowhere to run now.
Then Chase came to Sports rescue.
Chase: I've got you Sport.
Then Sport licked Chase's face because he know that a old friend rescued him.
Donavan Bell's men 1: Get em!
Then Chase used his Super speed power to get out of Donavan Bell's men's way and he made it back to his car.
Chase: In you Sport.
Then he place him on the back seat and Chase went back in the drivers seat and Donavan Bell's men's came up beyond it and fire some bullets at it.
Chase: Right is that the way you want it.
Then the bullet proof shield came into position.
Chase: I hope you guys like to get wet.
Then water shot out of the exhausts pipes and it hit Donavan Bell's men and they went onto the floor.
Chase: Right, now it's time to hit the skies.
Then he switched to flight mode and the car hovered away.
Sport: (Whimpers)
Chase: Don't you worry Sport, we'll get your Master back.
Then Sport smiled at his old friend when he rescued him from the felomutant Trio, Midnight and Whisker.
Down below on the ground Donavan Bell find his men.
Donavan Bell: Right get in the truck you two.
Then they got into the truck and drove off down the road towards Parvo's Industries and Chase was still taking Sport back to Road Rover HQ
Chase: When I get you back to HQ Sport we are going to put you in the transdogmifier so you become anthro canine like us again.
Sport nods as soon they arrived back to HQ and Chase landed his car in the cargo bay and they got in the room where the transdogmifier's are and the Master saw them.
The Master: Hello, Chase didn't expect you back so soon.
Chase: Yeah Master, well I'm just putting Sport through the transdogmifier now and he will become a anthro canine like me and the others.
The Master: OK, Chase.
Then Sport went in the transdogmifier and he soon a anthro canine like the Chase.
Sport: Hello again Chase.
Chase: Hello to you too Sport.
Sport: Man the last time we meet was when your brother Hunter had the Mask of Loki.
Chase: Yes, Sport I remember that well looks like we have to defeat your old enemy Donavan Bell again.
Sport: Yes but my Master is kidnapped again.
Chase: Don't you worry Sport will find her.
Then the was a call from Radar Van Number 5.
Radar Van number 5 Operator: (On the radio) This is number 5 tracking vehicle to HQ, Donavan Bell and his men have just left I repeat they have just left to go to Parvo's industries.
Commander Rover: Roger number 5 we'll check it.
Radar Van number 5 Operator: (On the radio) Roger control out.
Commander Rover: Tell everyone to move in around the area.
Lieutenant Rover: OK, sir.
Then the Lieutenant Rover switched the radio back on.
Lieutenant Rover: Proceed to new position 5 EA immediately.
The voices of all Road Rover members on the radio: Roger control.
Then they moved to a new position Elliot and Lewis in the Streetrover drove off and the dots was moving on the screen which means they was moving to a new position and Chase and Sport dove off in his car and Chase saw that Sport looked worried.
Chase: What's wrong Sport?
Sport: Nothing.
Chase: Come on Sport, we'll get your Master back.
Sport: Right, let's go and find her.
Then Chase place his foot on the accelerator and his car went faster.
Meanwhile Radar Van Number 3 was at the new position that HQ told them to go to.
Stepney: Did you get that new briefing?
Radar Van number 3 Operator: Yes there's something.. I can't quite.
Then the Radar Screen changed.
Radar Van number 3 Operator: Wow!
Stepney: What happened, what is it?
Radar Van number 3 Operator: I'm getting a reading 10 times normal briefing 1084, Of course! were in line of the code of Parvo's Industries.
The Radar Van number 3 Operator reported it back to HQ.
Commander Rover: Thank You, Number 3 out.
Lieutenant Rover: So they find it?
Commander Rover: Yes, Lieutenant they have now the others will rescue them let's hope they do.

(End of Part 1)

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Road Rovers The New Members (Part 3)
Written by Dingofan
Based on: Characters created by Tom Reugger
First story for Dingofan's OC's Ryan, Elliot, Lewis, Steven, Matt, Stepney, another James, Ross, and another Conrad.
Road Rovers 20th anniversary special 

Back at Road Rovers HQ they was having a party and Chase was wearing a black suit jacket, a black t-shirt, black suit trousers and black boots as well and he has just recovered after been shot by Parvo on his ship before it went crashing down on a missile base.
Chase: Well guys I think it will be a good party.
Hunter: Indeed it will be bro.
Chase: Yes indeed Hunter, let's carry on with the party.
The other Road Rovers: Yeah!
Then they was having a party of their lives and Colleen come up to Hunter.
Colleen: Hey, Huntie.
Hunter: Hey, Colleen.
Colleen: I think you've got a good brother to you.
Hunter: Yes indeed I have Colleen and I'm please that I have him as my brother and amazed by his powers of recovery.
Colleen: Yeah, us too as well Huntie. 
Donald: Aye, Colleen let's hope so.
Douglas: Aye, your right there, Donald.
Ryan: Yeah you said it I wonder where the villains are?
Parvo and his minions drove down to a industries out of town 50 miles east of Hope South Dakota and waiting there was Donavan Bell the kidnapper of Sport and he was with some of his Men and there was a hut at the front gate and by the far back there was another gate and there was also a Mine there too and there was also a bridge from the Mine over to the other side and they went inside the industries and they looked around and Parvo decided to turn it into his industries because he has already lost one when the Road Rovers destroyed it in the episode "Hunter's Heroes".
General Parvo: I think this place will do well.
The Groomer: Aye, General, but there's also transporters as well.
General Parvo: We can use those to transport the dogs that we kidnapped and put them inside.
The Groomer: Yes, General.
Then Parvo turned to Donavan Bell.
General Parvo: I went you to into Hope South Dakota and kidnap any dog you can find and bring them to me.
Donavan Bell: Yes Parvo, if I see that mutt Sport what shall I do?
General Parvo: Take him as well and his owner like the last time we've kidnapped them and we use Sport to lure Chase the brother of their leader Hunter into a trap and I want Geist and his team to come with you is that understood?
Donavan Bell: Perfectly leave it to me they are doomed.
General Parvo: Take your car and one of the trucks with your men and find any dog you can find.
Donavan Bell: Yes Parvo, I'll do that.
Then he walked to his car and his men went inside the truck and they dove off to kidnap some dogs.
General Parvo: Hope you are ready Road Rovers because your better ready!
Then the Dark Rovers came up beyond him and there was also a Dark Ryan, Dark Elliot, Dark Lewis, Dark Steven, Dark Matt, Dark Stepney, Dark James, Dark Ross, and Dark Conrad.
Dark Ryan: I hope we can meet our goody selves and I'm going to meet my goody me.
Dark Donald: Aye, I'm going to meet my goody self as well.
Geist: Yes, well my minions it well be the end of the Road Rovers.
Then they laughed evilly that echoed across the area.

Next episode: Road Rovers Hunter's and Chase's Heroes.  

Road Rovers The New Members (Part 3)
Written by Dingofan
Based on: Characters created by Tom Reugger
First story for Dingofan's OC's Ryan, Elliot, Lewis, Steven, Matt, Stepney, another James, Ross, and another Conrad.
Road Rovers 20th anniversary special 

Chase and his team was still underwater looking for the Submarine but they didn't noticed that it was beyond them then they saw a trail of three lines on the seabed.
Chase: That's strange there's trails.
Exile: Yes Chase what do you think they are?
Chase: Beats me Exile, we'll look at that afterwards lets carry one with the search of the submarine.
Exile, Matt and Blitz: OK Chase.
Chase: I'll better tell control about it.
Then he switches on the radio.
Chase: This is Chase to control We've just seen three trails, I'll send you a picture of it.
Then he send the transmission of the three trails and he followed them.
Hunter: Looks like Chase has find three objects.
Ryan: Yeah Hunter, but the question is what are they?
Then Chase continues followed the three trails then they saw old ship wrecks.
Chase: Their old wrecks.
Exile: But there's no lights on in them Comrade.
Chase: Yeah let's continue looking for those three trails to see what they are.
Then the trail lead to three freighters.
Chase: Look! (He points)
Then the trail lead to three freighters with high explosives on board, laying on the seabed, one of them was in the middle, the other one was on the side and the last one was on the right side.
Chase: I think Parvo has something to do with this.
Then the missile was fired beyond them!
Chase: We've got company, right hang on.
Then the others hanged on has Chase turned his car to acceleration rate 6 but the Crocmutant opened fire on Chase and his team and a missile shot out and was gaining beyond Chase and his team, Chase piloted it past some rocks.
Blitz: (Shrinks)
It was still beyond them and Chase was doing the expression that Hunter did in episode 2 of the show "Storm From The Pacific" where Hunter, Exile and Shag were chased by Captain Storm's attack helicopter's.
Exile: It's still there Chase.
Chase: Right hang on guys.
Then he turned it side to side by pasting some rocks but he managed to turn it around so the missile made it pasted as well.
Exile: It's closing in fast!
The missile was still gaining beyond them but the others was watching back at HQ and they were shocked.
Hunter: Come on Chase!
Donald: Aye Hunter, come on Chase!
But also the villains Parvo and The Groomer were watching on board their tanker.
The Groomer: It will not be long before the end.
General Parvo: Yes my dear.
Then they chuckled deviously but also a figure of a person was watching as well it turned out to be Walter Sheridan!
Walter Sheridan: That will make those dogs pay for what they did to our plans.
General Parvo: Yes Walter, but now they've got your house now.
Walter Sheridan: I don't need a house I've still got my yacht the Ladybee. 
General Parvo: Alright but we thought that you was eaten by one of Hunter and Chase's brothers.
Walter Sheridan: That dog Conrad? No I managed to escape death but the one he ate was a double like me.
General Parvo: Good now let's watch those dogs meet their end.
Geist: Yeah! let's watch those dogs die!
Then the villain's laughed evilly together to watch Chase and his team to meet their death.
The missile was still chasing Chase and his team but he turned it around a big rock.
Chase: We can't shack it off!
Then the missile made it around the big rock as well and was still gaining beyond Chase and his team, the villains was still watching on board their tanker.
The Groomer: In less than 50 seconds Chase and his team will be finished. 
General Parvo: Yes my dear.
The missile was still chasing Chase and his team.
Matt: We'll never shack it.
Chase: We've got to, We've got to!
Then it was still chasing them and the others was watching in HQ and they saw that Chase was diving his car in it's submarine mode towards some rocks and Shag jumped into Hunter's arms.
Hunter: Easy Shag they'll make it, I hope.
Ryan: Yeah let's hope they do make it Hunter.
The others was praying if the others will make it.
Chase: OK this is it.
Then he turned it towards some rocks.
The others: Chase have you gone crazy?!
Chase: Just sit tight guys.
That it came more and more towards the rocks.
Chase: Right hold tight, I'm going to pull her up.
Then he began to pull his car out in it's submarine mode.
Blitz: We'll not gonna make it!
Then Chase pulled it out just in time and the missile hit the rocks and exploded.
Chase: That was close!
Exile: Indeed it was close Chase maybe our old enemy's wants us dead.
Chase: Yeah Exile they always wants us dead now we've got to destroy those freighters before they explode. 
Blitz: But what about the submarine following us?
Chase: We can take care of that later, right now we've got to destroy those freighters.
Matt: OK Chase if you say so.
Chase: OK guys let's go and find them.
Exile, Matt and Blitz: OK Chase!
Then Chase turned his car around and it went back to the three freighters still lying there on the seabed, They was by them.
Chase: Right Exile prepare missiles one, two and three.
Exile: OK Chase.
Blitz: What about the new missile that Professor Hubert gave us to use?
Chase: We need that Blitz to destroy the submarine.
Blitz: OK.
Then three lights came up to show that the missiles was ready.
Exile: Missiles ready Chase.
Chase: Right Exile here goes.. Fire one!
Then the first missile shot out and hit the freighter in the middle and exploded.
Chase: Fire Two!
Then the second missile shot out and hit the freighter on the left and exploded.
Chase: Right now the last one, Fire Three!
Then the third missile shot out and hit the freighter on the right and exploded, all the freighters were now destroyed. 
Chase: Now the freighters are now destroyed, now let's find that submarine.
The others: OK, Chase!
Then Chase turned it around meanwhile the Crocmutant was wondering if he destroyed Chase and his team. 
Crocmutant: Now have I destroyed Chase and his team?
But he was wrong came out of nowhere was Chase's car!
Crocmutant: Road Rovers!
Then he turned his submarine around and Chase was gaining beyond him.
Exile: Shall I prepare the missile ready for launch Chase?
Chase: No, Exile not yet we need to find where it's base is. 
Then he saw it was heading for the surface.
Chase: OK, Exile prepare the new missile that Professor Hubert gave us ready for launching.
Exile: OK, Chase.
Then Chase stopped his car.
Chase: OK, Exile now!
Then Exile pressed the button and the new missile that Professor Hubert build shot out and hit the Crocmutant's submarine.
Exile: Direct Hit! 
Chase: Yes Exile, Direct Hit.
Then the Crocmutant's submarine crashed landed on the seabed.
Exile: Hey Look!
Then they saw that the Crocmutant was making his escape before the submarine exploded.
Meanwhile back at HQ the others was looking for Parvo's tanker and they find it through the Satelliterover and the Commander Rover contracted Chase and his team.
Commander Rover: This is control to Chase, we've find Parvo's tanker and we think that's his base set course and the others will see you.
Chase: (On the radio) Roger, control out.
Then the others took off Hunter, Colleen, Shag, Muzzle and Ryan took off in the Sonicrover, Elliot, Steven, Lewis, Stepney, took off in the Turbo-jet rover, James and Conrad took off in the Skyrover, Ross with Donald and Douglas took off in the Black Jetrover that was in the episode *Where Rovers Dare"
Meanwhile Chase and his team in his car was waiting.
Chase: Right guys let's hit the Skies!
Then Chase's car dived out of the water and he switched it into flight mode and was in the sky.
Chase: Right we should see the others any second now.
Then they heard the sound of the four Road Rover vehicles.
Chase: Right on time.
Exile: Yes, Chase Right on time.
Then the four Road Rover vehicles gladded along side Chase's car in it's flight mode.
Chase: It's good to see you guys. 
Hunter: Yes indeed it is bro.
Colleen: When will we find Parvo's tanker?
Chase: In a couple of minutes Colleen and guess who managed to escape death?
Colleen: Walter Sheridan?
Chase: Yep you've guessed it, Walter Sheridan did.
Colleen: But we thought that you know who ate him.
Chase: Yeah, he must have another person like to stay at his house and his yacht the Ladybee is gone.
Hunter: Yeah!
The 11 Golden Retrievers together: Yet another unexpected twist bummer!
Chase: Yep you got it brothers.
Then Exile saw a vessel in the ocean.
Exile: Look, Chase I think we've find it!
Chase: Good Exile We've find him Rovers!
The Road Rovers all together: AWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Then Parvo saw them on the screen.
General Parvo: That's what you think Road Rovers active defences.
Crocmutant: Yes, sir!
Then the defences was activated and they was on target with the Road Rovers.
General Parvo: Fire!
Then the defences fired and Chase saw it.
Chase: Brake formation we under attack, Brake! Brake!
Then the others braked away.
Chase: I'll make the first run follow me in continue attack till target is completely destroyed.
Hunter: (On the Radio) Roger, Chase.
Then Chase dived in first and he was holding the button to fire a missile then he was close enough and he fired and it hit Parvo's tanker, sparks come out of the control consoles.
Geist: Those dogs we pay for this Parvo.
General Parvo: Yes Geist, they will.
Then there was another explosion on Parvo's tanker, Chase is going to parachute on the tanker before Parvo leaves in his ship.
Chase: Right, Exile take over I'm going to parachute onto Parvo's tanker.
Exile: OK, Chase good luck and be careful.
Chase: Thanks Exile.
Then Chase opened the door and he jumped out and Exile closed it then Chase opened his parachute.
Chase: Pretty nice view.
Then he gladded onto Parvo's tanker and jumped through and landed inside the tanker.
Chase: Right now let's see.
Then Crocmutant's came out with holding guns they fired at Chase and he jumped beyond some crates for carry then he throw a grenade out and it landed by them and BOOM and they went flying and landed back onto the deck.
Chase: Let's see (Looking for another weapon to use) Ah! here is what I'm looking for. (Holding a explosive tennis ball) Catch!
Then he throws it at one of the Crocmutants and BOOM the tanker shacked with the explosion force. 
Chase: Very explosive I must say.
Then he carried on walking around inside the tanker and he saw Parvo's ship.
Chase: Parvo's ship, that's means he will leave as soon as this vessel starts to sink.
Then he walked again but there was fuel leaking from the barrels and there was a hole in one of then, then it started there was a fire and several explosions went off like the 4th of July and more sparks came out of the control consoles inside the control room of the tanker.
General Parvo: (Groans) Chase is destroying my tanker, we'll leave inside my ship.
The Groomer: OK, Parvo.
Then the villains head into Parvo's ship and Chase ran up to it and got inside and hide inside one of the rooms of Parvo's ship and it took off and more explosions went off on board The Tanker and it started sinking and Parvo watched it as it went down to it's resting place on the Ocean floor.
General Parvo: I'll get revenge on those Road Rovers for destroying my plans again. 
Chase's Voice: Well Parvo I'm going to defeat you.
Then Chase entered the room holding a gun in his hand.
Chase: Your under arrest Parvo!
General Parvo: No Dog, Get him!
Then two Crocmutant's came in and fired some shots at Chase but he missed them and he tried to harm for the computer of the ship to disable the engines then they stopped firing then Chase had his chance he fired a shot at the computer and sparks came out and the engines started to shut down and they stopped now it was now like a gladder.
General Parvo: Argh! he's disabled the engines.
The Groomer: Yes General.
Meanwhile the others was waiting for Chase and they saw Parvo's ship and it didn't had no engine sound.
Hunter: That's strange.
Colleen: Yeah Huntie. (Then she thought for a minute) I think it's Chase on board Parvo's ship.
Hunter: Yeah Colleen, I think he is.
Then Exile saw some towers from the window of Chase's car in it's flight mode.
Exile: Comrades, I think we have a problem.
Hunter: (On the radio) Why that's Exile?
Exile: I think Parvo's ship is heading for a collision course and guess what's below.
Hunter: (On the radio) A missile site!
Exile: Yeah, but the only thing that can save it, is it's height.
Then the villains saw that they was heading for a tower.
Geist: There's a tower ahead were going to hit it!
General Parvo: Argh! I think we am Geist.
Then Hunter saw it as well.
Hunter: Master, there's going to be a collision course you need to alert everyone down on the ground it's a missile base 5 miles east of Dover.
Master: (On the radio) Roger, Hunter.
Then Parvo's ship hit the first few towers and finally it landed on one and it balanced dangerously over the missile site and some metal fell from the tower and landed on the ground and everyone down there was in their cars and driving and the siren wailed of the danger and the tower creaked and groaned under the weight of Parvo's ship and it balanced up and down like someone doing yoga on a ball and Chase, Parvo, The Groomer, Geist and the Crocmutant's hold on tight in the control room of Parvo's ship and there was also ejectors seats and Chase made it to one of them and got in it.
Chase: It's no use Parvo, you've lost!
General Parvo: Maybe Chase, but you will be the first to die.
Then he fired a shot at Chase and he pressed the eject button and the seat shot out with Chase in it out of Parvo's ship and the tower still creaked and groaned under the weight of Parvo's ship and the others saw it.
Hunter: I hope the missile base is evacuated.
Colleen: Me too, Hunty.
Meanwhile down below the missile base was still been evacuated cars, vans, trucks and everything else was still doing the evacuation then it was completed but the villains made their escape as well from their ship and there was a couple of explosions and the tower finally broke and with Parvo's ship on board it came crashing and it exploded and exploded again and the missile base started to go up as well but Hunter was watching it and he was thinking that his brother Chase was dead.
Hunter: Exile, what do you see?
Exile: I believe Chase is lost.
Then Shag saw something coming from the sky.
Shag: Look!
Then the others looked and they saw a seat with a dog inside and there it was Chase.
Chase continued floating down from the sky in the ejector seat.

(End of Part 3)

Black outfit Saints Row 2 by Dingofan
Black outfit Saints Row 2
This is the outfit that I did today on Saints Row 2 which I've based it on the black outfit that I while I'm playing as Trevor in GTA V here is the link of the picture of Trevor wearing the same outfit:… and this will I'll use for my Road Rover OC Chase to wear in my Road Rovers Fanfiction stories. 
Danger Mouse Strikes Again Book by Dingofan
Danger Mouse Strikes Again Book
Here is Danger Mouse Strikes Again Book that I've also brought the from the Car Boot today the in the book are:
The Chicken Run.
The Invasion of Colonel K.
Demons Aren't Dull.
and The Odd Ball Run-A Round.

Which is the stories from the 1981-1992 series of Danger Mouse.
Hi guys It's Ryan Kearns aka Dingofan here.

Today I'm doing the plot for my Road Rovers Halloween Special called "Road Rover Nightmare at Ghost Town."

Here how it starts the Road Rovers are tired after a long day but they decided to stop at a Wild West Ghost Town for the night and they go inside the hotel they feel a cold chill of it then when Chase looks outside and see's a Ghost Train and they go to look at it and it whistle makes then scared and they feel VERY scared they get scared of the myth of a legend of a Ghost Town that crashed and they find that the Ghost Town has been closed 60 years after the date of the accident of the Ghost Town then they looked in the Old Mine to look around then they decided to stay there for another night but Shag is scared by the Ghost of the owner of the hotel and tells the others about it and Chase finds a newspaper of the Train that crashed 60 years ago which turns out to be the Ghost Train that runs every year on the date of the accident but they find out a lot about the town then Ryan finds some gold in a chest in the hotel and they managed to find out a lot about the town.

I'm going to do this one as a Halloween Special after when I do maybe my current Fanfiction story or another fanfiction story of Road Rovers so stay tuned to find out.

 Anyway Happy 20th years Road Rovers

Please feel free to leave comments or favourite it if you want too 
To My Regards and to all my friends Ryan Kearns aka Dingofan and have a nice day.  


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Favourite bands/musical artists: Duran Duran, ABBA, The Killers, Keane, Queen, WHAM!, Waylon Jennings, Oasis, Scorpions, Ringo Starr, Mike O' Donnell & Junior Campbell, Barry Gray, Barry White, The Animals, Jeff Lynne's ELO, Guns and Roses, David Bowie, Randy Newman, Kevin Macloud, Sevendust

Favourite visual artist MDTartist83 XiongLang. b1k, KaneTakerfan701, Dustyfan, ohcrumbsdm, SariSpy56, mightyfilm, MetalExveemon, NightCrestComics, Freyfox, dragonvian15

Favourite movies: James Bond film series, Submarine X-1, Smokey and the Bandit, Back to the Future Trilogy, Superman (1978-1987), Batman (1989-1997), Ghost Train - The Untold Story of Timothy, The Search for Smudger, Horror On The Kirk Ronan Branch, The Mask, Son Of The Mask, Cats and Dogs 1 + 2, Toy Story 1,2 and 3, 'TOBIAS AND THE HALF-PARIAH'

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